In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit…

In a house in the suburbs there lived an aspiring traveller with a taste for myth, history and SFF geekery…

For those of you just joining us…. hello and welcome! I’m Jen, and when I’m not writing and editing in multiple genres, I love to geek out over places related to myth, history or SFF media. (Bonus points if they’re all three at once!)  Ever since I was a wee lass, one of my ambitions was to see everything it was possible to see, but time, finances, and persistently annoying health issues put the kibosh on going too many places. Still, life moves on and with slowly creeping age comes new opportunities and better coping mechanisms…

I still want to see everything it’s possible to see, and there’s quite a few things I want to try out, so on this site you will find my travel adventures to sites of myth, history, and SFF geekery.

There and Back Again

Sometimes all that’s possible is a short trip to somewhere interesting – a day to visit a stone circle, a weekend to a convention, 4 days to hit as many interesting sites as I can find in an area.

The Road Goes Ever On

Sometimes longer trips are possible and my ultimate aim is to go on some longer road trips to visit a multitude of places across the UK and further afield.  When they happen, those adventures will also be appearing here!



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